Advise or Advice

Hi folks, how are you doing?

Amigos leitores, quero deixar aqui um último aviso, ou voces aprendem inglês ou vão sofrer as consequências.

Amigos leitores, quero dar um aviso para voces, que hoje em dia é importante falar inglês.

Olá, direto ao ponto. Qual a diferença do aviso na primeira frase e da segunda frase? Tempooooo… tic tac tic tac… beep

Quem disse que na primeira frase o “aviso” foi no sentido de imposição e na segunda no sentido de aconselhamento, acertou. Mas o que tem haver aviso com advise e advice?

So here we go.

Differences in usage and meaning

Advice is a noun. It is a recommendation.

  • His advice was sound and everyone listened to him.
  • I am seeking your advice because you are more experienced in such matters.
  • I turned down that bribe on your advice.
  • Take my advice and quit your day job to focus on your startup business.

Advise is a verb. It means “to give advice” and therefore refers to the act of giving advice. e.g.

  • I would advise you to submit your resignation in view of this scandal.
  • My lawyer has advised me to settle this matter out of court.
  • She has a strictly advisory role in this project.
  • I am advising three doctoral students for their thesis.

Então amigos, como sempre digo simples né? Lembre-se se você for dar um aviso Suave (adviSe), se não você dará um (adviCe).

Isso ai pessoal e até a próxima.

Um comentário sobre “Advise or Advice

  1. Hey wborbajr,

    Here’s your pal from EnglishExpert’s Chat.
    You may know me as Naughty_boy.

    I think this would help…

    AdviCe is a noun.
    e.g.: That advice was really excellent!

    AdviSe is a verb.
    e.g.: In fact, I’m only advising you…

    …and that’s it my friend.
    Just yo clear everything out…
    You can’t say adviCING. You only can say Advising.

    That’s the only differences among them.

    Do not confuse the noun advice /Ed’vaIs/ with the verb advise /Ed’vaIz/
    “He gave me some useful advice. Can you advise me on college courses? ”
    (Longman Dictionary of Contemporany English)


    Now let’s talk about the word ADVISORY…

    (By Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

    advisory(adj and noun):

    having the role of giving professional advice:
    *An advisory committee/body/service
    *The Careers Advisory Service
    *He acted in an advisory capacity only.

    noun (AmE) an official warning that sth bad is going to happen:
    *A tornado advisory

    It’s quite similar to advice and advise, but has nothing to do with any of those too…

    If you do have any further questions, please look it up on the following link, google it, or send me and e-mail and i’d be truly open to amendments/corrections.


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