Golden Tips, Inglês


Olá pessoal, tudo bom? Espero que sim.

Hoje irei falar, alias antes de falar, quem aqui gosta de catchup (ketchup)? Bem, não irei aqui falar sobre culinária, o que vamos falar hoje é sobre a palavra catch que não tem nada have com catchup, aquele que você coloca no cachorro quente.

Vamos ao que interessa então.

Like many common English verbs, “catch” is irregular. The past tense of “catch” is “caught”. So, I catch, I caught, I have caught.

Someone has thrown a ball in the air. The little dog has run after the ball. He has jumped in the air with its mouth open. He wants to catch the ball in his mouth. So, “to catch” means to stop or hold something which is moving, like a ball which someone has thrown.

Here are some other things you can catch:

  • a cat catches a mouse.
  • a fisherman catches fish.
  • the police catch a criminal.

And, of course, we often use “catch” in a figurative way. For example:

you can catch a train, or a bus, or a plane.
you can catch flu, or some other infectious disease.
in the photo on the website, the photographer has caught the exact moment when the dog jumps in the air to catch the ball.

Now for our phrasal verb – “to catch up”. We can say “catch up with someone” or “catch someone up”. Imagine that you are running in a race. The leading runner is about 20 meters in front of you. If you run really fast, perhaps you can catch the leader up. Then you will be running beside the leader, and you might even win the race. And if the runners behind you run really hard, they may be able to catch up with you.

Isso ai pessoal, a próxima vez que for comer um cachorro quente, lembre-se de coloca bastante catchup


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