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To Carry On

Olá pessoal, tudo bom? Espero que sim. Quem aqui já escutou aquela música regravada pele Angra chamada Carry On? Que diz mais ou menos assim:


So, carry on,
There’s a meaning to life
Which someday we may find…
Carry on, it’s time to forget
The remains from the past

Carry on, it’s time to forget
The remains from the past, to carry on
The remains from the past, to carry on
The remains from the past

Mas você já parou para pensar o que carry on significa?

to carry on” it is a phrasal verb. But I’ll explain it in a minute, but first here is a story about a typical Monday morning for Kevin, in his new job as Assistant Sales Manager (South East England).

It is 6.30. Time to get up. The alarm clock rings. Kevin ignores it. He carries on sleeping. The alarm clock carries on ringing. Eventually, Kevin wakes up. He turns the alarm clock off, and falls out of bed.

Kevin has a shower and gets dressed. He turns on the radio. The radio presenter chatters cheerfully, and plays cheerful music. But Kevin carries on eating toast and drinking coffee. The radio presenter carries on being cheerful. Kevin thinks, “It is Monday morning. It is not a time for being cheerful.”

Kevin travels to work by train. Today, there are problems on the railway. and the train is late. It is crowded with people. On the way into the city, it stops at a red signal and waits. The passengers on the train do what English people always do in a crisis – they ignore it. They carry on reading their newspapers. They carry on typing on their computers. There is silence, except for one man who is talking loudly on his mobile phone. He carries on talking. He has forgotten that the train has stopped and that everyone on the train can now hear him.

Eventually, the train moves a little bit, then it stops again. It carries on like this – stopping and starting and stopping again – until it reaches the main station. Because the train is late, Kevin arrives late at work. But everyone else has had problems getting to work as well, so perhaps it doesn’t matter. Monday has begun!

I have used “carry on” several times in this story, and I hope you can now understand what it means. It means “to continue”. Kevin continues sleeping. The people on the train continue reading. Another common expression which means almost the same as “carry on” is “go on”. The alarm clock goes on ringing. The man with the mobile phone goes on talking.

Espero que tenham gostado e lembrem-se “carry on studying”.


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