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Some vs Any

Hey fellas, here we go with a quick tip. Do you know how to use some and any?

  • We use “some” in a positive statement and “any” in a negativestatement or a question.
  • We use both “some” and “any” with countable or uncountable nouns.
  • We use “some” in a question if it is an invitation or a request.
  • We join “some” and “any” with “one”, “body” or “thing” to form positive sentences and negative sentences respectively.


  • I have a sister. / I don’t have a sister. / Do you have any sister?
  • He bought some oranges.
  • He spent some time looking for his lost wallet.
  • There aren’t any eggs on sale here.
  • There isn’t any tea in the kettle.
  • Would you like to drink some milk? Can you do something for me?
  • Someone has taken my book.
  • Anyone could have taken it.
  • There’s somebody waiting to see you.
  • Has anybody seen the film?
  • I want something to eat.
  • Would you like anything else to eat?

Não disse que era uma dica rápida? Viram como é fácil? Agora só praticar um pouco, alias bastante.

Até a próxima dica.


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