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Birthday Party

Hey everybody, what’s up?

Estava eu caminhando e cantando a procura de material para novos posts e me deparei com algo legal. É um diálogo curto que introduz algumas novas palavras ao seu vocabulário.

Have fun.

Sarah: Hey Lisa, wait up! I’ve wanted to have a chance to talk to you.

Lisa: Hi! What’s up?

Sarah: This weekend I’m having a birthday party for Ted. I’d like you to come.

Lisa: I’d love to. When is it?

Sarah: We’re having it this Saturday at 8:00 at my house. We’re going to order a pizza and play some games. Then whoever wants to stay longer can hang out and watch a video.

Lisa: It sounds like a lot of fun. But now that I think about it, I promised I would do something with Nathan Saturday night.

Sarah: Well why don’t you bring him along? It would be fun. Ted would really like that. I’m sure.

Lisa: Really? That would be great. Okay, I’ll ask Nathan to come along. *What can I bring?

Sarah: Nothing. Just bring yourselves. No presents are necessary and everything else has been planned.

*It is polite to offer to bring something to a party.


  • wait up– wait, wait for me
  • what’s up– what is happening? what do you want to talk about?
  • hang out (slang)- be with friends doing nothing special
  • bring (someone) along– invite someone, have someone join you
  • come along– follow, join you


Até a próxima.


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