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E vem chuva

Calma, não vai vir chuva de verdade, é apenas mais um diálogo rápido que vem para introduzir algumas novas frases ao nosso vocabulário.

Have fun.

Diana: It’s a gorgeous day today! What do you say we take a picnic and go down to the park?

Doug: Sounds great! Should we pack some sandwiches or pick up something along the way?

Diana: Why don’t we stop and get some fried chicken at KFC and head down to Murray Park? Let’s bring a few games, too.

Doug: Okay, I’ll get the Frisbee and a softball so we can toss them around. And… what do you think? Should we bring the dog?

Diana: Definitely. He’ll love it down there.

Doug: I’ll get his leash and dog dish. I’m grabbing a tablecloth, too, so we don’t have to eat on a dirty picnic table.

Diana: Good idea. I’ll bring some napkins. I always get so dirty when I eat fried chicken.

Doug: Wait a minute…

Diana: What is it?

Doug: Did you hear that? I heard thunder. A storm is coming.

Diana: Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding…


  • gorgeous– beautiful
  • What do you say…- (slang) What do you think about…
  • to pack– make and take
  • to pick something up– buy
  • to head down– to go to
  • to toss around– to throw
  • leash– a rope or chain for holding an animal
  • dog dish– plate for dogs to eat out of
  • to grab– to get quickly, to take suddenly
  • tablecloth– fabric or material we put on a table to keep it clean
  • thunder– loud noise in the sky when a storm comes. The light in the sky is called lightning. You can see a picture below.
  • You’ve got to be kidding– It’s hard to believe. Something you say when you are surprised.

Isso ai meu povo, até a próxima.


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