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Making Invitations

Inviting People

Inviting people to join you for dinner, social events, or other occasions is usually done using ‘would like’ to indicate the invitation. This form can be used for both formal and informal invitations. Remember that ‘would you like …’ is always followed by the infinitive form of the verb (to do).

Person 1: Would you like to join us for dinner this evening?
Person 2: Thank you. Yes, that would be very nice.

Person 1: Would you like to come with us?
Person 2: Sure!

It’s also common to use suggestion forms in more informal situations to invite other people to join you in doing something. These forms include ‘let’s do, how about / what about doing, shall we’.

Example Dialogues

Person 1: Let’s go out on the town tonight.
Person 2: Yes, let’s do that.

Person 1: Shall we get some dinner tonight?
Person 2: That sounds like fun.

Thanking People for Invitations

Always thank someone for inviting you to do something. Here are some of the most common forms used to accept an invitation.

Thank you very much.
That would be nice.
Certainly, I’d love to…
Sure, that would be great! (informal)

Example Dialogues

Person 1: Would you like to come over for dinner?
Person 2: That would be nice. Thank you.

Person 1: How about joining us for ice-cream?
Person 2: Sure, that would be great!

If you are unable to accept an invitation, use one of the following polite phrases to respond.

Thank you. I’m afraid I have another engagement.
Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t.

source: About.com


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