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Difference between Connect, Contact, Conduct and Communicate

The verbs communicate, contact and connect are all related to communication in some way, but conduct seems to be a bit different in meaning. It’s best to look at the definitions and some examples!

*Please note that the following list is not complete. All these verbs have more meanings, however, I wanted to focus on the ones that have something to do with the act of communicating.

exchange or share information, feelings, opinions

  • If husband and wife can’t communicate with each other, they should ask a friend or a therapist to mediate between them.
  • How did you communicate with people in China?

talk or write to someone (in order to communicate)

  • Please don’t try to contact these criminals. They’re extremely dangerous.
  • I’ve been trying to contact Janet all day, but she’s not answering her phone.

make a link between people
form a good relationship with someone

  • Facebook helps you connect with your friends.
  • We went out on a date, but unfortunately we didn’t really connect.

lead or guide a group of people
do a particular activity (research, experiment, survey)
behave in a certain way

  • Mary conducted us around Camden Lock Market.
  • They haven’t conducted enough research on the possible connection between mobile phones and cancer.
  • Everyone was impressed by Princess Kate. She conducted herself with so much grace and dignity.

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